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This is looking very interesting

As this is the first time I'm writing some kind of a blog, I want to welcome you at my blog site.

This is the place where I'm going to write down my memories, my opinion, my experiences and many more things as I'm growing in Development and being a human. As I'm a german boy (trying not to fall for the hashtag), this blog is going to be in both german and english language.

This first post is mostly due to the development phase of my blog site ( to find out about the behavior and to improve the user experience.

Please be aware, that as of August 1st 2021, this site is under development and currently missing following features/improvements:

  2. Posts by date
  3. overlapping categories on the front (bug)
  4. proper 404 Error Page


Who am I even?

I'm sorry, let me introduce myself. My name is Lukas Staub, I'm a hobby web developer from Germany and currently going to School, with my final exams starting on May 3rd 2022. My main interests are web development and anything related to I.T. Some people of my class would call me crazy for saying this, but yes, I love maths. the german education system is a bit weird at some points. Since year 11, we're being taught in courses. Before year 11, our class would have every single subject together, but at the start of year 10 we were told to choose the subjects, which we're being taught in until our final exams, or "Abitur" in german. This course system tells us to choose two so called "Leistungskurse", which we have 5 times a week, and the "Grundkurse" which we're mostly having 3 times a week, but some also only 2 times a week. I choose maths and biology as my two "Leistungskurse", as those are the two I am mostly interested in. I knew from the beginning, that maths wouldn't be very easy, and most certainly I was right. The grades in Germany are structured in numbers from 1 to 6 with 6 being the worst grade you could get. Since year 11 the grades where changed to so called "Notenpunkte", or translated to English, points. The points are going from 0 to 15, with 15 being the maximum amount of points a student could ever get and 05 being the minimum amount for you to have to pass the class. As I told you, that math wasn't that easy, you're probably thinking of me having around 05NP, but I prove you wrong. The first semester I had 10 Points and in the second semester I fell down to 09NP (my parents always tell me "It's just because of COVID", as german schools where closed for year 1 to 11 for 5 months, lasting from mid December to end of April of 2021). This wouldn't be such a problem for me, if I would just know how many points I need to get accepted at the place I'm desperate to study at, but on that in a later blogpost.


As I'm about to arrive at the end of my first blogpost, I'm very curious about how I'm going to continue with my blog.

Until then, have a very nice day :)

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